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Rent payment you can rely on

A long term rental plan for your property

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Worried by voids and losing rent?

Frustrated about the time it takes to find the right tenant while your property sits empty? When it comes to void periods, we feel your pain. Your property deserves to be rented consistently over the long term, and now it can.

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Stop losing rent to voids and take
control of the income from your property

By joining the Long Term Rental Plan, you are signing up to:

Regular Monthly Rent

Welcome to rent payment you can rely on, paid on a fixed date every month.

No Management Fees & No Maintenance Cost

Zero management fees! Costs for internal & cosmetic maintenance are covered by the Long Term Rental Plan.

No More Voids

The Long Term Rental Plan ensures rent payment for your property for up to 5 years.

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We care about your piece of mind.
And making sure you receive rent, every month.

Rent Paid to Date


Rental Month to Date


Portfolio under Management


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Join the Long Term Rental Plan

Schedule a consultation

This allows us to discuss your property over the phone and determine whether it needs any compliance work.

Sign your agreement

We agree the terms of your Long Term Rental Plan and once any compliance work on your property has been completed, your plan starts!

Receive long term rent

You will now receive monthly rent for up to 5 years with ZERO VOIDS.

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When it comes to voids, we feel your pain

Void periods are one of the major reasons why you are losing rental income. They require careful planning and budgeting to keep the time when your property is not achieving profit to a minimum and to make sure that all necessary expenses are still covered during the void period.

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Did you know that the average void period in the UK has risen to 3 weeks per tenancy since 2017, and that as of April 2019 it takes approximately 24 days to let a property?

Over a 5 year period, you could be losing over 30 weeks rent, the equivalent of more than £11,000.00, and that’s before factoring maintenance and management costs.

Your property deserves to be rented consistently over the long term, and now it can be.

Welcome to the Long Term Rental Plan.


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